Surfboard Art | Walfrido

Limited Edition Surfboards

Add a three dimensional piece of art to your collection by getting your favorite image on a brand new 6' surfboard! Any image in our catalogue can be made into a surfboard. Artist proofs are 25 in the edition and come with black edges. Signed and numbered are 50 in the edition and come with white edges.

Original art on previously surfed boards from Hawaii...

These boards were up cycled to keep the landfills less filled and to honor the life of the boards. Every bump and bruise comes from riding the powerful waves of the Hawaiian islands. They are beautifully restored and primed for painting. Below are examples of boards that have been sold.

The Carbon Fiber and Koa boards are the top of the line in unique surf art and come brand new or used. The Alaia board shapes celebrate the ancient wave riding vehicles of the Alii or ruling class for which surfing was invented for. Add a one of a kind surf art piece to celebrate Walfrido's art and the birthplace of surfing, Hawaii!