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Check out Walfrido's past, present and upcoming shows and events:


January 24, Wyland Gallery Planet Hollywood Show - Las Vegas, NV

January 17-22, Epcot Festival of the Arts Opening Weekend

January 10-13, Parkwest Caribbean VIP Event


December 27, Kona Oceanfront Gallery - Kailua-Kona, Big Island, HI

December 20, Wyland Gallery Front Street (6-9 PM) - Lahaina, Maui, HI

December 20, Enchantress Gallery, Wailea Shops (1-4 PM) - Kihei, Maui, HI

December 12-15, Parkwest VIP Caribbean Cruise

December 5-8, Wyland Gallery Show - Sarasota, FL

November 7-10, Disney Show at Wyland Boardwalk Gallery - Orlando, FL

November 1-4, Wyland Boardwalk Gallery Show - Orlando, FL

October 27-31, Park West Cruise

October 22-26, Fantasy Fest - Key West, FL

August 30-31, Wyland Waikiki Gallery Show - Honolulu, HI

August 4-11, Alaska Art Cruise - Alaska

July 27-28, Wyland Gallery Show - 1-4pm & 6-9pm - Laguna Beach, CA

July 19, Park West Gallery Special Event - Boston, MA

July 5-8, Wyland Gallery Boardwalk Show (Epcot Resorts) - Orlando, FL

June 28-29, Signature Galleries Show (Venetian Hotel) - Las Vegas, NV

June 21, Wyland Beachwalk Gallery Show - Waikiki, HI

June 14, Wyland Front Street Gallery Show - Maui, HI

June 13, Anniversary Show at Enchantress Gallery - Wailea, Maui, HI

May 30-June 2, Wyland Gallery Key West Show - Key West, FL

May 24-27, Wyland Gallery Sarasota Show - Sarasota, FL

May 11, Wyland Haleiwa Gallery Show - 4-7pm - Haleiwa, HI

May 10, Wyland Gallery Show (Front Street) - 6-9pm - Lahaina, HI

May 9, Enchantress Gallery Wailea Show - 6-9pm - Kihei, HI

April 30-May 2, Wyland Gallery Waikiki Show - Honolulu, HI

April 26-27, Wyland Gallery Planet Hollywood (Miracle Mile Shops) - Las Vegas, NV

March 22-23, Wyland Gallery Show - Lake Tahoe, CA

March 7-10, Wyland Gallery Show - St. Petersburg, FL

March 1-3, Wyland Gallery Show - Sarasota, FL

February 8, Wyland Front Street Gallery Show - Lahaina, Maui, HI

February 7, Enchantress Gallery Show - Wailea, Maui, HI

January 25-27, Wyland Gallery Show - Key West, FL

January 17-23, Epcot Showcase at Disneyworld - Orlando, FL


December 21, Kona Oceanfront Gallery Show - Big Island, HI

December 14-15, Wyland Gallery Show at Planet Hollywood, Miracle Mile Shops - Las Vegas, NV

December 1, Wyland Gallery Haleiwa Show - Haleiwa, HI

November 15-18, Wyland Gallery Show (St. Armands Circle) - Sarasota, FL

November 8-11, Disney Artwork Showcase at the Boardwalk Resort - Orlando, FL

November 4-5, Wyland Gallery Show - St. Petersburg, FL

November 1-3, Wyland Gallery Show at the Boardwalk Resort in Disneyworld - Orlando, FL

October 26-27, Genesis Gallery Show at Queens Marketplace - Lahaina, Big Island, HI

October 12, Wyland Gallery Maui Show (6-9PM) - Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, HI

October 6-7, Signature Galleries Show at Venetian Hotel, Planet Hollywood (1-6PM) - Las Vegas, NV

August 18, Wyland Gallery Haleiwa Show - Haleiwa, HI

August 17, Wyland Gallery Waikiki Show - Waikiki, HI

July 28-29, Wyland Gallery Lake Tahoe Show - Lake Tahoe, CA

July 20, Wyland Gallery Maui Show - Lahaina, HI

July 6-8, Final Show at Exclusive Collections Seaport Village Gallery - San Diego, CA

June 30-July 3, Wyland Galleries Key West Show - 623 Duval St. Key West, FL

June 16, Wyland Galleries Show - Santa Monica, CA

June 14-15, Wyland Galleries Show - Laguna Beach, CA

May 30-31, Wyland Gallery Sarasota, St. Armands Circle - Sarasota, FL

May 24-27, Solo Show at Wyland Gallery Boardwalk Resort (Disney Properties Show) - Ko'Olina, HI

May 22-23, Wyland Gallery St Petersburg Show (6-9PM) - St. Petersburg, FL

May 21, Cape Canaveral Wyland Gallery Show (6-9PM) - Port Canaveral, FL

May 17-20, Disney Group Show, Boardwalk Resort - Orlando, FL

May 12, Waikiki Wyland Beachwalk Show (7-9PM) - Waikiki, HI

May 11, Maui Front Street Show (7-9PM) - Lahaina, HI

April 27-28, Wyland Galleries Show - Planet Hollywood (Miracle Mile Shops) - Las Vegas, NV

April 20, Wyland Galleries Show - Lahaina, Maui, HI

March 25-27, Wyland Galleries Show - Key West, FL

March 9-11, Wyland Galleries Show - Lake Tahoe, CA

February 14-19, Wyland Galleries Show - Sarasota, FL

February 8-11, Wyland Galleries Show - Key West, FL

February 2, Wyland Galleries Show - Lahaina, Maui, HI

January 18-20, Wyland Galleries Show - St. Petersburg, FL

January 12-16, Epcot | Disney World Resort Show at the American Adventure Pavilion - Orlando, FL


December 16, Kona Oceanfront Gallery Live Painting with Walfrido Garcia and Arcade LaTour - Kailua-Kona, HI, 5-9 PM

December 16, Genesis Gallery (in Queen Shops) Show - Kona/Waikaloa, HI, 12-2 PM

December 8-9, Venetian Hotel, Signature Galleries Show - Las Vegas, NV

December 1-3, Disney Boardwalk, Wyland Gallery Orlando Show - Orlando, FL

November 9-12, Wyland Galleries Sarasota Show - Sarasota, FL

November 3-5, Wyland Galleries Key West Show - Key West, FL


Wyland Gallery Solo Show - Haleiwa, HI

Signature Galleries Solo Show - Waikiki, HI


Wyland Gallery Solo Show - Haleiwa, HI

Signature Galleries Solo Show - Waikiki, HI

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