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With over 34 years of painting Walfrido has become one of the most diverse seascape artist living today. His subject matter and materials he paints on are varied and therefor have to be priced accordingly. In an effort to provide the most logical pricing structure each series has been placed into different tiers and categories. The categories below lists the current types of works which are priced to the corresponding levels. It is the artist belief that simple works should not be priced the same as complex traditional subjects.

Traditional (aka Platinum) - This first tier is the highest level of work which includes the most level of details and subject matter. This involves sky, water, waves and landscape. In some cases it includes buildings, figures and portraits. Disney originals on traditional backgrounds fall under this level.

Palette (aka Gold) - This second tier has less subjects but still includes sky, water and waves. Black and White paintings with enhanced colors, Fantasy and fire currently fall under this tier.

Simple (aka Silver) - This third tier is named after the basic elements of composition which includes sky and water. It also can include but not limited to first stage paintings. It can also include oil sketches, sumi brush strokes and studies.

Mixed Media - This level is based individually due to the complexity and wide range of material painted on including Koa wood, Guitars, Ukuleles, Surfboards, Koa paddles, portholes, ship wheels, gold leaf etc.

Below are my current studio originals not yet placed into a gallery. I also have many other unique original paintings that are available and have been placed into galleries for sale.  For more information about any of these original studio paintings or gallery-placed paintings, including price and availability, please email Walfrido's Studio, thank you!

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