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Feb 5,6,7  Wyland Gallery Lake Tahoe California 
Feb 11-15 Wyland Gallery Sarasota Florida
Feb 26,27,28 Wyland Galleries Maui  Front St Lahaina

March 10-13 Wyland Galleries Key West, Florida
March 16-20th Wyland Galleries Ft Lauderdale, Florida
March 23-26th Wyland Galleries at the Boardwalk resort Disney World, Florida

April 29-May 1 Planet Hollywood Wyland Gallery

May 26th-31stW yland Gallery  Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

June 3,4,5 Signature Galleries Venetian hotel Las Vegas, NV

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"From Dusk to Dawn, Waikiki"
This first major painting of 2016 features one of the worlds most iconic places, Waikiki beach Oahu.  Day scenes are rare in Walfrido's portfolio of published pieces so this painting pays homage to Walfridos father, Edgardo F. Garcia, whos majority of work features this brighter palette.  

Waikiki is where Walfrido's career took a turn in the late 80's and is still a great part of his subject matter. This vantage point was shot by the artist during the last moments of fleeting light.  Enjoy this creation as it brings back the magic and charm of Hawaii's most visited beach in the state!