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Upcoming Walfrido show dates

April 19 Koolina Oahu
April 25th-28th Sarasota Florida Wyland Galleries
May 1,2,3 Boardwalk Wyland Orlando Fl
May 22-26th Key West Wyland Gallery
May 29-June 1 Ft Lauderdale, Fl Wyland Gallery
June 27-29 Laguna Beach Wyland Gallery Show

email us at    Studio 808-674-8188  fax 808-674-0100
91-1516 Halahinano street Kapolei, Hi 96707
New Release "Moonlit Palms"

"Moonlit Palms" is a return to color celebrating the vibrant hues of the tropical moonlight.  This color palette is inspired  by the early evening moonrise.  This traditional piece is a compliment to any collection and perfect for the vertical space in your home or office! Contact your Walfrido dealer for your copy!
New Release "Banyan Tree Sunset"
Inspired by the Banyan trees, this painting celebrates the trees that symbolize family and prosperity.  This genre opens the doors to many memories of garden views framing the warmth of the sea.  Contact you dealer today!