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Spotlight on "Fear No Evil"

This painting remain as one of my personal favorites of all time. It was created in 1997 and originally was a commission but was turned down because it was too intense.  I created a watered down version that satisfied the client and I kept this as it deeply satisfied me.  

I symbolized ominous times with the eclipse as for generations this was a symbol of darkness overshadowing light.  The dragon represented the clear and present danger.  The volcanic landscape gives an overview of what the world is like when evil rules.  The claw drawn gives us a feeling of the moment we face our doom. The situation could not be any more dire represented by the R.I.P clawed into the rocks by the dragons claws.....

This could not be more true of what we are dealing with the current times even though this painting is almost 20 years old!  I do want to point out that all is not lost.  The teal color of the ocean represents the peace we all desire. We have to take our chances and out run the face of danger.  There is no time like the present and no time to waste.  If you can face your fears and get to safety then you would have beat the odds.  The light breaking through the dark is represented by the diamond ring effect and that means that the tide is turning. 

We all face trouble in our lives but if we have faith in ourselves and believe then we can overcome.  The message of this painting is that though we walk through the shadow of death we shall "Fear No Evil"  I hope that this gives hope to those who feel helpless amid todays trouble.

Peace be with you my family and friends......