Upcoming Walfrido show dates
April 17,18,19 Sarasota, Florida Wyland Gallery St. Armands Circle
May 2 Grand Opening Signature Galleries Waikiki Oahu
June 26, 27 and 28 Laguna Beach Wyland Gallery
July 17,18,19 Wyland Galleries Lake Tahoe

email us at heartrockproductions@gmail.com    Studio 808-674-8188  fax 808-674-0100
91-1516 Halahinano street Kapolei, Hi 96707
New Releases
"E Komo Mai" and " House of Blues"
The latest additions to the Black and White series includes "E Komo Mai" which translates to Welcome as the migrating humpback whales signal their arrival to the islands.  The whale was added by world renown environmentalist and marine life artist Wyland.  See new releases for the full story.

"House of Blues" celebrates the popular theme of the sea caves with a gorgeous Sapphire colored wave.  The Flowers are added in the artist proof editions and can be specified to specific colors.
Walfrido Artist: Studio events and tour
Walfrido: Studio promotions, release notices and tour photos